How live jazz can make your party one to remember.

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

If ten years of playing music has taught me one thing, it's that nothing excites a room like a live band. A jazz quartet just has that 'ye-ah!' moment as soon as you walk into the room.

Blues de Minuit was formed to tackle the age-old problem for event planners of having music that enhances the atmosphere, yet not at the expense of overpowering conversation. And that's exactly what we do. Think of us as a DJ in the guise of a jazz quartet! We read the room as we play - adjusting volume and tempo depending on the mood. Later, we often play more upbeat as the crowd gets into the groove (just ask the members' clubs we play at!).

Live background jazz

It's always a massive honour to bring this vibe to a special event; be that a birthday, networking drinks or just an excuse for a get-together. Do check out our latest showreel below of us at the fabulous L'Escargot in London's West End to hear and see more about what we do.

You supply the drinks and the venue, and we'll do the rest!